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Mediterranean Homes Plan


Distinctive House Plans
This house is usually a one-story design with shallow roofs that slope, making a wide overhang, to provide needed shade in warm climates. Courtyards and open arches allow for breezes to flow freely through the house and verandas. There are open, big windows throughout. Verandas can be found on the second floor.


Mediterranean house plans echo the relaxed lifestyle of the region, and draw on multiple design elements to create an elegant look and feel. This indigenous American architectural style draws upon floor plan and design elements found in Italian villas, Spanish Revival and Mission Revival homes to recreate the feeling of a home by the Mediterranean Sea.


Donald A. Gardner 
Mediterranean Architecture realized in the home floor plan is an elegant option perfect for any climate. The Mediterranean house plans is a distinct look, yet it is a beautiful adition to any location


Home Plans
Mediterranean-style homes mimic those traditionally found in Mediterranean countries, particularly Spain, France and Italy. A low-pitched, tile roof, often red, is the most distinctive characteristic of this style of home plan. Usually finished in stucco, these home plans often include a courtyard or patio, columns and arched windows and openings. Wrought-iron balconies and details also are common characteristics of these homes. Mediterranean homes share many features with Spanish home plans.

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